April Feature: Tad M10

The TAD M10 is a very special radio! Packed with unique features, this radio is designed for convenience and ease of use.

The TAD M10 is compact and very versatile.  It covers the entire 138-174 MHz. bandwidth, so it never has to be retuned. Also, the M10 has the famous “Up/Dn” buttons on the mic so changing channels is a breeze!

Another awesome feature is the 396 channels are programmed in 4-banks of 99 channels each. The channels can be given an alpha name and the frequencies organized as needed by area, company or person. The M10 is also resource road ready!

Specifications from TAD’s site include:

  • Small size: 2×5.5×7.3″
  • Weight: 3 lbs approx.
  • Dimmable Display
  • Alpha-numeric readout
  • Buttons are backlit
  • Rotary Channel Switch
  • Internal Speaker
  • Programmable, PC or Field
  • Faster cloning capabilities
  • Anti-Theft Protection
  • From 1 to 396 Channels
  • Covers 138-174 MHz
  • Canadian & FCC approved
  • Electronic Serial Number
  • Quick “add or delete” from scan list
  • Busy Channel Lockout per Channel
  • CTCSS & DCS tone signaling
  • Low/normal RX Sensitivity Switch
  • Data input thru cloning plug

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February Feature: IC-F5023H Land Mobile VHF Radio

Amazing features, performance and value for the everyday user. Plus, Walco offers free programming at time of purchase! 

  • Icom Sized 128 memory channels (max) separated into 8 memory zones
  • Built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS capabilities
  • Kill/stun functions disable a lost or stolen radio over the air
  • 6 programmable buttons allow customized operation
  • Rugged construction, meets MIL 810F standard
  • 50W output power VHF, 45W output power UHF
  • Powerful, front-mounted speaker with 4W audio output
  • Lone worker function requires a response from the operator
  • Scanning setting is dependent on operating channel
  • Compatible with IC-F3021/F4021 series handheld radios
  • MDC 1200 compatible with the following built-in features
    • PTT ID (TX/RX)  Radio check (RX)
    • Radio Stun (RX)  Radio revive (RX)
    • Emergency TX/RX (NoACK)
    • 5 alias table (max)

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