Bundling Services with Telus

Looking for super-fast internet? Loving Netflix but can’t miss a game? Need a new phone? We’ve got it all.

Optik TV:

Telus offers awesome features with Optik TV. One major perk is full integration with Netflix, allowing you to watch your favorite programming on all your devices, while ensuring parental controls via user profiles. Telus is also your source for premium sports, including channels such as NHL Centre Ice and NFL Sunday Ticket.


Recently we wrote a blog post on Telus Fibre. This amazing new technology provides the fastest internet service available, making a switch even more tempting. Current internet plans range from $30 to $50 per month.

Add-ons also provide a little something special for Telus internet customers. Unlimited Data allows for unlimited data usage, for those who really love their streaming! Wifi plus is another great add-on which increases your wireless coverage in your home with a booster.

Bundling Products:

Bundling is the best way to experience all the savings Telus has to offer! Right now you can save up to $100 on any new smartphone on a 2-year term when you:

  • Add a new Mobility service to your existing Home Services, or
  • Add a new Home Service when upgrading to a new smartphone

Still wondering what we can do for you? Come in to Walco today and we can discuss the most cost efficient way to obtain all your services!

Smartphones Offering Innovative Compliance with Electronic Logging Device Requirements

New electronic time logging rules are coming into force in the USA for the trucking industry. As many Canadian vehicles cross the border, Canada is already forming similar mandates. The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) stated:
The U.S. is expected to put an ELD mandate at some point in 2016, while in Canada the Canadian Trucking Alliance…has been working with the Canadian government and the provinces to focus efforts leading to a similar proposal in Canada while meanwhile addressing all the technical issues with manufacturers and legislative officials with such a proposal. [1]
This requirement is expected to decrease citations for hours of service violations by 40-75%. [2] Electronic tracking is more accurate, more difficult to falsify, and records may be viewed immediately.
BC Trucking noted a 2006 Transport Canada report stating: [3]
• ELD technology was readily available;
• paper log falsification is relatively high;
• ELDs can contribute to road safety;
• ELDs represent an improvement over paper log books;
• privacy concerns can be managed; and
• ELDs will level the playing field.
However, there are fears that ELD may be expensive and difficult to implement.
As these changes are also occurring in the USA, mobile device app development has begun to tackle this problem. Recently the CTA cited an article from the Commercial Carrier Journal regarding Apps like BigRoad, which track and record driver’s hours and location. [4,5]
As most people already have mobile devices, this offers a neat and cost effective solution to meet the new requirements.

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