Microsoft for Mobile Devices

Earlier this month, Microsoft shifted to providing the Office suite free for mobile devices.[1] While this may not sound revolutionary, for those of us who live on our devices, it in fact is.

Many of us use Microsoft products in our everyday business and personal affairs. We are well versed in the features, understand the tools, and have no inclination to change. However, upon moving to a mobile device, users were previously forced to resort to Apple and Google offerings. Frankly, these products do not have the ease of use and universality of Microsoft Office.

The shift by Microsoft is especially welcome now that Google has moved to multiple apps for Google Drive, requiring the installation and use of 2 apps where one would easily suffice.

Aware of this situation, Microsoft has altered its previous paid model and allowed the products for free download to consumers (not businesses).[2] Microsoft’s motivation is apparently to ensure dominance of the Office suite across platforms.[3]

Office is available on the iTunes store and on Google Play.