Telus Fitness Wearables

Telus is promoting health this spring. It’s February, which means that 64% of people have already given up on their New Years’ Resolutions.[1] Rather than getting discouraged, why not find a new way to get motivated!

Everyone knows it is difficult to go from the couch to a marathon runner. Rather than setting extreme goals, it may be easier to start with an understanding of your baseline and move forward in realistic steps. Wearable technology is a great way to do this.

First, wear the new device for a period of time while maintaining your current lifestyle. Data obtained can give you a sense of your current activity and health levels. For example, devices like the Fitbit Charge track how many steps you are taking, how much you are sleeping and your calories burned.

Second, enjoy the ‘Hawthorne effect’. Under the Hawthorne effect, an individual improves their behavior due to the knowledge of being observed. Thus, as wearable devices raise awareness regarding your level of activity; this in itself causes an increase in activity. In fact according to Fitbit, “users take 43 percent more steps than they did before they bought one.”[2]

Third, develop a realistic strategy based on your current level of fitness and where you aspire to be. If you are walking 2,000 steps a day, set a goal of 3,000 steps. Many devices also allow you to set alarms and alerts once you have been sitting for a specific amount of time.

Finally, devices track other information that is useful to your general health and wellbeing. The Fitbit Charge tracks sleep and allows for a vibrating alarm. Food logs are also available for maintaining information regarding caloric intake. For runners, you can log runs and map out routes. There is also a community aspect to many devices, allowing for increased motivation through healthy competition and support.

Regardless of your current health status, information is power. These devices are a great way for you to understand the current state of your activity, and take the first steps towards improvement.

As a Telus dealer, Walco is proud to offer a number of these devices. We are also happy to discuss which is right for you.

Basic Tracking

Fitbit Flex:

  • Tracks – steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, distance traveled, active minutes and quality of sleep.
  • Battery life- 5 days
  • Compatibility- Android and iPhone

Advanced Tracking

Fitbit Charge:

  • Tracks – steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, floors climbed, active minutes and quality of sleep.
  • Manual Tracking- log food, workouts.
  • Battery life- 7-10 days
  • Features- call display
  • Compatibility- Android and iPhone

Tech Savvy

Samsung Gear Fit:

  • Features – real time information on workout, interactive, interacts with phone features such as messaging and calls.
  • Battery life- 3-5 days
  • Compatibility- Samsung

Fashion Forward

Misfit Shine

  • Tracks- walking, running, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis, basketball etc. Also tracks sleep.
  • Battery life- 6 months.
  • Compatibility- Android, iPhones and Microsoft