Kamloops Connect Trade Show

Walco Radio will be at Connect 2015! This annual trade show is held by the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. Connect is entirely unique because it is open to any type of business, and has something for everyone.

Admission is free, and tons of door prizes are up for grabs, including a $500 gift card to Aberdeen Mall!

Stop in and see us on September 23, from 4-7 pm at the Coast Conference Centre!

Connect 2015 – Poster

Telus Fibre: Kamloops

In the last few months, you may have had a Telus technician knock on your door and ask to run fibre to your home or business.  Perhaps you are wondering what this means and what it entails. This service is completely free. Once you are connected, you are able to receive upgraded services when they become available.

To understand the benefits of fibre, it is important to understand what we have at present. Currently, systems providing internet and tv services run on copper wire. Copper provides excellent service and has been extremely popular in the telecommunications industry.[1] However, fibre has certain advantages. For example, fibre has higher bandwidth and thus can carry more information at once. Moreover, it costs less and is arguably more durable. Fibre also allows for greater security, as it cannot be easily eavesdropped on.[2]

So what is fibre? Fibre consists of very thin, transparent fibres of glass. These fibres transmit data via light. This not only allows for large volumes of information, but also for extremely high speeds.  Fibre is cutting edge technology and paves the way for future development.  Currently, Telus fibre has speeds up to 100Mbps. Telus even has a ‘download compare’ function on their site to show just how fast fibre is in comparison to current speeds.[3]

So when can you sign up? Telus has provided a very helpful map of Kamloops that outlines availability and time frames.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ attached below to learn all about the benefits of fibre!



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