Apple WWDC: iOS 8

This year at Apple’s WWDC, several announcements were made with respect to the brand’s future. Of paramount interest to the cellular industry are developments in mobile technology. While there has been a great deal of buzz around the iPhone 6 (rumored to have a larger screen), the true hit was discussion of iOS 8.

Several new features of iOS 8 were outlined, including:

  1. Health: a centralized application that tracks all health related data. This technology was developed in partnership with Nike, Bitbit, Wahoo, iHealth and Withings.[1]
  2. HomeKit: mobile devices will be enabled to control home systems. [2]
  3. Interactive notifications: this feature allows users to remain in the app or function while responding to text messages or other notifications.
  4. Quicktype: This is intelligent auto-fill, for example, if sent “a text message ask[ing] whether the user wants to do dinner or a movie, [the] suggestions were either “Dinner” or “Movie.” “[3]
  5. Family Sharing: This feature allows for up to 6 family members (using the same credit card) to share iTunes purchases.
  6. Siri: To accommodate those who use Siri while driving, the statement “Hey, Siri” now enables the function. Further, Siri is able to identify songs.

These are just a few of the developments discussed. If you want further information, Apple has made the full keynote address available on the official YouTube Channel.

Rumors set the release date for later this fall or near the holiday season.[4]






[4] Ibid, note 2.