Understanding Internet Usage

We are an internet hungry age. We want to watch Netflix in one room and the hockey game in another. This can make it hard to understand just how much data you require, and how your usage effects internet speed.
Telus helpfully outlines what can impact internet speeds:
• The speed of the website from which you’re downloading information
• The number of people trying to download the same information as you from the same website
• The number of applications or programmes you are running on your computer
• The age and condition of wiring inside your home or apartment
• The distance between the TELUS high speed gateway and your device
• Whether you’re connected to your gateway directly or wirelessly
• Your computer’s age

Video quality is also a huge factor in viewing. The move to HD is evidence of this. However, did you know that your download speed can limit your ability to seamlessly watch higher quality video? Once again, Telus sets some super helpful guidelines for watching various quality levels on Netflix.
Netflix video quality recommended settings
• To view 3-D video, you should have a download speed of 12 MB
• To view Super HD video, you should have a download speed of 7 MB
• To view HD video, you should have a download speed of 5 MB
• To view DVD video, you should have a download speed of 3 MB
• To view Basic video, you should have a download speed of 1.5 MB

Not sure about your speed? Test it!
Telus appreciates not everyone has the same internet needs. Thus, these are some guidelines to help determine your usage and what package may be best for you! Currently Telus has several plans, ranging from casual surfing and emailing to blazing fast speed. Plus with Fibre upgrades, you are covered for the future!

Signing up and upgrading is easy with Telus internet! Come talk to us today to find the best plan for you.