Telus: Expanding Coverage in British Columbia

British Columbia is known for its beautiful mountains, while this is great for photos; it poses special challenges for cellular service providers. As part of the Connecting B.C. Program, TELUS is working to improve connectivity along several highways in B.C.

As noted in a statement made by Telus:[1]

TELUS has already installed sites covering over 770 kilometres of highway, and expects to turn on at least 30 additional wireless sites by the end of 2014. TELUS is working to secure appropriate sites and permits for dozens of additional sites on highway corridors across B.C. that will be complete within the next five years.

  • New wireless services now cover previously un-connected stretches of highways in BC with significant new coverage on Highway 1, 16 and 97.
  • More than half of all 911 calls today are made on wireless phones, making rural highway connection an important public safety enhancement.

As a Dealer working with those living and working in areas across B.C., we are excited to be a part of this expanding coverage. An attached map lists the new areas of cellular coverage for our customers to enjoy!

Telus Map