Satellite Devices

Walco Radio is a proud dealer of Spot, Iridium & InReach satellite devices!

What is a Satellite Device?

Satellite devices connect through satellites as opposed to locally positioned towers. This allows for signal in remote areas and those not covered by your regional provider. Satellite messengers such as Spot products, are location devices that emit a signal or message regarding the location of a person or goods.


SPOT_Logo_2color_tagSpot is a GPS messaging system that ensures the safety of people and products through location tracking. A wide range of devices are suitable to multiple applications. Whether you are out adventuring in the wilderness, or trying to keep tabs on equipment off site, Spot has a suitable product. We carry the Gen4, Trace & SpotX.


InReach offers three awesome devices, the Explorer, the mini and the SE. Two way operational, these devices let you stay in touch while engaging in any activity off the grid! This system operates on the Iridium satellite system, offering amazing coverage.


Iridium can deliver the power of fast, simple and secure group communication with the toughest, most feature-rich PTT-enabled satellite phone on the market. By special order only.