Radio Licensing

Radio licensing is something most people don’t think of when purchasing a radio. However, it is an important consideration for any individual or business utilizing this technology.

All radios must be licensed unless certain exemptions are met. Therefore, whether using a radio for business or leisure, licensing will come into play.

For those who use radios for enjoyment, special licensing exists. These individuals are known as ‘amateur radio operators’. Becoming an amateur radio operator is a long process which requires study and examination. This licensing exists because of how amateurs use their equipment. Often amateurs will build their own stations and will use ‘user programmable’ radios. These are privileges that require a solid understanding of radio technology and surrounding regulation.

For those who use radios professionally, licensing is also required. These licenses can be obtained through Industry Canada’s website through developing a user profile and making an application. Licences are usually approved in a few days.

It is important to understand the licensing requirements behind radio use and to follow it accordingly.  Industry Canada has developed a new web page in an effort to make finding this information easier.

As always, we are happy to help with any questions you may have on radios or radio licensing!