Digital Doctor: Medeo

This week’s post is a little different. At Walco Radio, we are excited by all technology, and are eager to tell you how you can use it to make your life better. With that in mind, we have found a program that we think is pretty innovative.
It is no secret that finding a GP in BC is a struggle. Many people have lost their GP to retirement, moved to a new city and never found one, or simply never had one to begin with. The Province, in realizing this issue, has launched a program called Medeo.
Medeo is essentially Skype or Facetime with a doctor. It works on your desk top, Apple or Android device. You can get the iTunes app here and the android app here.
Getting set up is relatively easy. You simply sign up by creating a login. Security is ensured by requiring a cell phone number for verification. In other words, when you log in, a text is sent to your phone with a code that must be entered onscreen. Next, you fill out a form with your symptoms. You are then connected to a coordinator who either puts you through to a physician or sets up an appointment for later. The session with the physician is carried out using your device’s camera and microphone. Just like in a face to face appointment, the doctor may give you a prescription or referral to a specialist.
Many of the practitioners on the board of Medeo are based out of Victoria or Vancouver. The founder of the program received his education in Alberta, and has practiced in Victoria for 4 years. This ensures local content and understanding of the needs of BC residents with respect to health care.
This program is an exciting new way to combine mobile technology with modern concerns. Just one more way communications devices are changing our world.