How do Boosters Work?

Many of our customers come in looking for a cell booster. They live, work, and travel in remote areas and want the assurance of cellular signal.

Unfortunately, there are tons of misconceptions about boosters and how they work. Let’s clear up a few!

  1. Boosters ‘boost’ signal. In other words, if there is no signal, the booster cannot help. If you are thinking of buying a booster, you need to have at least some signal.
  2. For in building boosters, the signal needs to be somewhere accessible to the antenna. You need to have some signal in a location of your building where the antenna can be mounted.
  3. The less signal, the less area is covered. If you have very little signal, the booster will cover less area. So for example, if you are in your car- if you have decent signal – the booster will boost throughout the car. If you have almost no signal, you will need to keep your phone very close to the antenna to get signal.
  4. LTE vs. 3G. The older cellular networks have more complete coverage and more towers. LTE mostly works in dense areas like cities. If you are in a rural area, switching your device to 3G usually helps to immediately gain more signal. Not all boosters are set up for LTE, so be sure to inquire.
  5. More power = stronger booster. The more dB the booster has, the farther it can work. In other words, a 50 dB booster will work better than a 30dB booster. This is also reflected in the cost.

Signal of any type is not a perfect science. We are harnessing a natural phenomena that is effected by many factors. This can make it difficult to know if a booster will work for you. As such, we have rental boosters for you to try before you buy!

Hopefully this has shed a little bit of light on boosters and how they can help you!