Dash Cameras


The role video cameras have in our lives has been changing in recent years.  Historically, cameras were primarily for building security from theft and burglary. However, new uses have arisen as our world becomes more alert to the possibilities of technology.  Vehicle cameras represent a natural progression. Dash mounted cameras, or ‘dash cams’ are installed to capture incidents while driving or while the owner is away.[1] Police were among the first to utilize this technology, but private owners are becoming more and more likely to buy in. Already notoriously popular in Russia, [2] dash cams are on the rise in Canada.

Dash cams offer the same protection as cameras on buildings. When considered in this light, it is strange it has taken this long to develop the application. Vehicles are valuable property, and subject to a greater variety of risks. Dash cameras provide two obvious benefits in this regard. First, these devices capture on road accidents and incidents as they occur. This provides key information to insurance providers and other stakeholders in an accident. Second, vehicles are especially subject to break-ins and vandalism. Dash cams capture incidents occurring while the owner or driver is not present.

Dash cams are easy to use and do not require a technical background for use or installation. At Walco Radio, we are proud to carry Mediasonic products. The MLG-7017CVR is battery operated with a USB charger. Installation is a snap, including a suction cup for secure, but adjustable, dash positioning. This device takes up to a 32G SD card to store video and audio. More advanced equipment is also available for order, including the BlackVue 2-channel hi-definition camera. Whether you are a private owner suffering from keying or dents from neighboring cars, or a business owner with a fleet of vehicles navigating the busy streets of British Columbia- a dash cam is the perfect way to protect your vehicle.



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