Building Boosters

Building boosters are similar to mobile boosters except they tend to be higher gain and can use high-performance antennas that simply are not practical in a mobile environment. For example, the exterior antenna (the one pointed toward the cellular provider’s tower) can be anything from a simple whip to a directional, high-gain “yagi” antenna that can be mounted high on a building or even on a tower. The interior antenna can be a basic whip, a “panel” antenna, or even a distributed antenna system for coverage in a large or multi-story building. Below are a couple of examples but our staff will be happy to help you build a system that works for your application.

The BBCX670NAP is well suited for a large home, office, or industrial building.

This 70dB gain 6-band LTE booster comes with a “yagi” antenna to point toward the cellular provider’s tower and a “panel” antenna to make the signal available in a large open building up to 18,000 sq. ft. (manufacture’s claim) or a smaller building with a reasonable number of non-metallic dividing walls.

The BBCZ665XBO can be a good solution for a metal-sided construction office that gets moved around to different work sites.

This 65dB gain 6-band LTE booster keeps it simple with an exterior omnidirectional whip antenna and an omnidirectional antenna that screws into the booster.

Have a small cabin or cottage on the edge of cell coverage? The BBCZ670XBP might be what you need.

This 70dB gain 6-band LTE booster has the advantage of a directional panel antenna to connect with the cellular provider but keeps it simple inside with an omnidirectional antenna attached to the booster inside. The exterior panel antenna can be mounted on the roof peak or even a pole. Need just a little more? We can upgrade the panel antenna to a yagi.

Not sure what you need for your application?

Talk to our sales and technical staff about your requirements. There are several other SmoothTalker solutions. We can also build a package specifically for you.