Cellular Boosters

Get clearer calls in your car, your fifth wheel, your home or cabin!

 Living in BC often poses problems with respect to cellular signal, whether on the road or living in surrounding communities. To enhance your cellular coverage, we carry SmoothTalker cell phone boosters for either application.  Boosters are a perfect way to ensure the best signal in your home, office or vehicle.

Choosing a Booster:

Boosters are designed based on coverage area. These range from the size of a desk or cubicle, to a cabin, to the size of a large factory. The extent of signal is dependent on the structure of the building and the degree of signal available. Boosters are also available for in vehicle use, and allow for increased coverage while driving in remote locations. Our staff can offer suggestions on what booster will best suit your unique situation.

Accessories and Installation:

Along with cellular boosters, we offer a range of omni-directional and directional antennas to assist in amplifying the cellular signal in a variety of situations from shielded buildings to remote rural locations. We are experienced in installing these devices, and would be happy to install or advise on how to install them in your building or vehicle.