Cellular Boosters

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Improve your cell service in your truck, car, RV, home, cabin, or even your boat!

Living in beautiful BC can make cell phone coverage challenging at times. Whether you’re on the road, live in a rural location, or anywhere else with marginal coverage, we carry a SmoothTalker cell phone booster to help you connect.

Choosing the right booster

Cell boosters do not make a signal appear, but they do improve weak signals. How much improvement depends on the gain of the booster, the antennas, and how it is installed.

Mobile boosters for a vehicle or marine use provide increased coverage while driving in remote locations. Some models are intended for a single phone and others for multiple users. Our staff will help you choose the booster best suited for your application.

Building boosters are designed based on coverage area, from the size of a desk or cubicle, a cabin, or even a large factory. The range of the signal is also dependent on the structure of the building and the degree of signal available. When needed, the cell tower-directed antenna can be mounted on a mast or tower to improve the connection.

Accessories and Installation:

Along with cellular boosters, we offer a range of omnidirectional and directional antennas to assist in improving the cellular signal in a variety of situations from shielded buildings to remote rural locations. Our sales and technical team will be happy to install your booster or advise you on how to install it yourself.