Basic Radio Rules & Regulations

Did you know two-way radios require a license?

When you purchase a radio, you are required to obtain a license through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. This license is per radio, per year. Further, you must add to your license those frequencies you are using, whether Basic 10, Appendix 6 (BC), RR’s etc. Further, if you wish to have special frequencies added, you must have a letter of authorization and add the frequency to your license.

Did you know that programmable, amateur and marine radios are not usable for land mobile purposes?

Very often people will come in hoping to buy programmable radios to use on resource roads. Unfortunately, programmable radios are not permissible for land mobile use. Frequencies are managed by the government for specific purposes. Thus, ISED wants to ensure whoever is programming a radio understands what frequencies are permitted.

Did you know your license is for a particular area?

This is because frequencies are often ‘reused’ in different areas. For example, a private channel in Kamloops, may be a crane operators channel in Edmonton. If you use that channel in Edmonton you can cause interference with the crane operator- thus putting other people’s safety at risk.

Did you know radios you purchase online may be illegal for use in Canada?

Many popular and cheap ‘walkie walkie’ style radios from overseas are actually illegal for use in Canada. Before you buy a radio, ensure that it is approved for use by ISED. Use this link to check it out.