Tourism & Outdoor Recreation

Tourism and outdoor recreation are key industries in British Columbia. People come from all over the world to experience our natural vistas, fishing, whitewater rafting, picturesque hikes among others. For those in these businesses, safety, customer service and instant communications are key.

At Walco, we understand that your business takes you beyond cellular. We have a number of awesome products designed to let you get out there, while maintaining contact.

Satellite Devices:

This province of ours is vast, and a great deal of the best recreation spots are not in cellular locations. No sweat! We’ve got you covered with satellite devices that can protect you and your assets in the wilderness.


The Gen3 is designed to monitor location and send distress signals while off the grid. Great for use during outdoor adventures.


SPOT Trace

The Trace is designed to protect assets in the field. Perfect for boats, trucks, atvs, and other items that help you run your business.


Globalstar GSP-1700

This sat phone is perfect for advanced communications in the field, permitting voice and data.


Two Way Radios:

Perfect for maintaining communications between vehicles and people.  Also, necessary equipment for those accessing logging roads to reach remote locations for hunting, fishing and hiking.


Our most popular model! A favorite among our customers and staff alike. Durable, versatile and incredibly reliable!



The most affordable handheld model for those looking for an entry level model. Super simple to use with amazing battery life!



Built for durability. A great mid range option for those who want key features at a great price.





Boosters are prefect for cabins and camp sites that are in remote locations. These devices ‘boost’ existing cell signal, allowing for better and more consistent cellular coverage in an area of your choice. In vehicle options are also available and perfect for campers and trailers.