Leading hotels have long relied on two-way radios for instant communications, excellent in-building penetration, and ensuring smooth operations. Icom handheld radios have exceptional longevity, great battery life and durability.

Those in hospitality often ask us about the use of FRS versus our handheld radios.

FRS: This type of radio is designed for family use,  not commercial use. Easy to use, affordable and widely available, these radios are often what is first purchased by those making a foray into radios. At Walco, our customers often complain of the limitations of these devices. Namely, limited range and battery problems. Often the batteries will be unusable in about a year. Replacement batteries are often not available or close to the price of a new FRS radio. Furthermore, the durability of these radios is often less than expected on purchase. Another limitation is interference from others. Another drawback is the lack of accessories, such as carrying cases. Therefore, FRS radios should be purchased with an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and are likely best suited to light recreational tasks, or those who are using the radio for a short duration or agreeable to replacement costs.

Handhelds: Icom handhelds are specifically designed for durability. As a result these radios are more expensive than FRS models. Many of our customers have owned their radios for over ten years. Replacement batteries and parts are available to allow for service and repair. Range is superior to FRS models, especially in building. Therefore, our UHF handhelds are best used for applications involving regular use, in building applications and the expectation of continued use for a period of years. While the start up cost is higher than FRS, the long term savings are notable.


This radio is available in many variations depending on your needs! High quality and packed with awesome features.



The most affordable handheld for those looking for an entry level model. Super simple to use with amazing battery life!



Built for durability. A great mid range option for those who want key features at a great price.



License free, easy to use and based on wireless technology! Range is only restricted by your IP network coverage.