Select from the following options to check out the radios we have in stock! We are happy to order any product available from Tad or Icom. We also carry scanners and CBs from Uniden.


Authorized Dealer and Repair Center:

Walco Radio is an authorized dealer of Icom and Tad products. We carry a wide range of professional handheld and mobile radios- featuring as few as 8 channels, to as many as 512 channels. We have access to Icom Avionic radios, Marine radios and Repeaters. For recreational purposes, we carry CB radios, FRS, GMRS and scanners.

We are an authorized repair center for Icom and Tad radios, and do repairs on many other brands such as Motorola, Kenwood and Midland. We also offer programming for Icom, Tad and many Motorola and Kenwood radios.