It’s a new year at Walco Radio!

Over the holidays we have been busy with renovations! Come check out the fresh new look!

We are also branching out into new product areas. We have already added InReach, HESPV Solar and cellular repair to our products and services.

Wait to see what else we have coming to better serve our customers!

We look forward to serving you in 2017!

In Memory: Steve Inouye

To many of our long standing customers, Steve was a friend. He viewed his clients as his friends, and treated them as such. Steve would spend hours on any problem, and drop anything to make sure a client was taken care of.

Clients still come in and ask for Steve. They remember him from the 25 years he spent behind the counter, eager to assist and happy to have a chat and catch up.

At Walco, Steve was family. To us, he was endlessly dependable and always, always there. No matter what was needed, Steve was always happy to help. He stuck by us through 25 years.

His loss is felt through our whole organization, and it is felt by our clients.

Let us remember Steve- by his smiling face, his stories, his eagerness to help, his loyalty, his limitless patience and support.

He will be dearly missed.

2 Way Sat Devices

Things are changing here at Walco Radio! We have new partners, and a line up of new products to better serve our customers! You spoke and we listened.

InReach Two-Way Satellite Devices

We are now carrying InReach Explorer and SE products! These devices offer two-way satellite communications. It’s like texting, via satellite! The Explorer also doubles as a GPS unit!  Want the full rundown? You can get that in the product brochure! Plus InReach devices pair with your smartphone!


Come check out our new products and services today!

Broken phone? It can be fixed!

Things are changing here at Walco Radio! We have new partners, and a line up of new products to better serve our customers! You spoke and we listened.

Cellular Repair

Our customers work hard and play hard. Things get broken in the process. Don’t worry, we are here to help. After years in cellular, we know your devices better than anyone. So cell repair is a natural fit! Bring your damaged phone to us for repair. Pricing can be found here. Device not listed? Give us a shout and we can let you know if we can do the repair!

Most repairs cost less than $100!

Come check out our new products and services today!


Need Power? We’ve got solar!

Things are changing here at Walco Radio! We have new partners, and a line up of new products to better serve our customers! You spoke and we listened.


We know you love getting off the grid, both for work and play. Solar is a natural fit with our other off the grid products. Picking up a cell booster kit? Why not get a solar kit for your RV? Getting a sat phone for fishing? Solar is perfect for that trip too. We’ve partnered with Samlex America and HES PV to bring you a range of products to suit your power product needs.


Come check out our new products and services today!

Customer Appreciation Event!

At Walco Radio we are celebrating 25 years in business!

We want to thank you for helping us reach this amazing milestone!

Come out September 30th for awesome deals, hotdogs, snacks, refreshments and maybe the odd walk down memory lane!

Want to win some awesome Globalstar swag? Complete our survey and be entered to win!


* Odds of winning depend on number of entrants, likely being less than 500:1. Only valid for those who can pick up prizes at 707 Sarcee St. E. in Kamloops BC Canada. One entry per person. Draw will be made Sept 30th, 2016. Entries may also be made at CONNECT trade show on Sept 21st, 2016 by leaving business card. Prizes include: 2 golf shirts and 1 umbrella with Globalstar emblem.

Celebrating Steve!

We are celebrating Steve Inouye’s 25th year with Walco Radio & Electronics!

In honor of this occasion we will be providing coffee, tea and snacks between 10 am and 2 pm on Thursday June 23rd, 2016.

We would love to have you stop in the shop to congratulate Steve, share a few laughs and generally celebrate this amazing milestone.

Globalstar Sat Phone for FREE!

Globalstar has done it again! The GSP-1700 is available for free.

Globalstar is a leader in satellite devices. Determined to make quality products affordable for everyone, Globalstar is once again making the GSP-1700 free. This is an amazing opportunity to obtain a satellite phone.

This device is a consistent favorite among our customers. The GSP-1700 is not only invaluable for business in British Columbia, but it also provides an important security and peace of mind when working in remote locations.

Don’t miss out! Come talk to us today!


Speculation on the iPhone 7

Rumors and speculation have already begun with respect to the new iPhone. As technology lovers, we are excited for the newest developments in the iPhone series.
We’ve been reading sources like MacRumors and CNet for possible ideas on the iPhone updates. Generally, these sites have consistent ideas as to what will be new and hot on the 7, which is expected to drop this fall.
As the iPhone 6 had a major body overall, the 7 is expected to be roughly the same in terms of general dimensions. However, the camera is likely to be flush with the body. Further the antenna bands are predicted to be around the top and bottom of the device (1). Another speculation is the addition of a second lens to increase camera performance (2).
While the screen size is expected to be maintained, the new iPhone is expected to be even thinner. Speculation contends that this will be achieved through removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. With the removal of the headphone jack, headphones will either have to be connected wirelessly or via the lightening jack (3).
Other sites have suggested possible improvements such as different construction materials resulting in higher durability, and water resistance (4). Two things our customers would definitely welcome!
While these are just rumors, we have no doubt the new iPhone will continue the legacy of innovation and exceptional quality.
We will be sure to keep our customers posted on all the newest devices available from Telus. Looking forward to the fall!

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